Last weekend I visited a place I’ve wanted to go already for a while. Fondation Jean Arp is Jean Arp’s home and atelier turned into a museum and it was perfect location for a calm sunday stroll. Fondation Jean Arp, 21 Rue des Châtaigniers, 92140 Clamart




J.W Anderson has managed to build a strong brand with recognizable aesthetics in a short time and obviously working at Loewe is not a bad side job; his leather pieces are getting better and better. Also all the bustier details were are very pure and beautiful Mr. Anderson.


IMG_9305[1]Marble mix by Mathieu Lehanneur

Ad Magazine is holding an interior exhibition AD Intérieurs at Monnaie de Paris until 20th of September. Can’t say I liked everything but the building itself is already gorgeus which makes it worth to visit.



I never thought I would be a victim of newsletters, until I received one from Aesop regarding their new toothpaste and next day I found myself “stopping by” at the boutique. Hope I don’t mix it up with a handcream.



With a friend of mine we passed by this restaurant, l’Ètable Saint-Germain, and to be honest it was the chairs that made us to stay for a coffee. I can’t decide if they went too far with floor-to-ceiling hairy cow leather interior, or if it’s just enought to be cool.